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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Downward Spiral (it goes down other way in Australia)

Mannlicher Carcano - Courtesy Flush Vol 1
Available January 01 2010, nearly 16 hours of previously unreleased recordings of live improvised audio collage and radio art (May - Oct 2008, now minus the banter!) in mp3 form on a single, numbered, limited edition CDR. $10 postage included.

Here's the link to the November 21st show,
the November 28th show,
December 5th,
and last Saturday's show, December 12th.

I've been downloading our overflow into the PD Plate, and will put the edited sections up on a file share site soon.

PS: Jon Leidecker's third VARIATIONS podcast contains rare work by two of Mannlicher's most belovedly under-recognized forebears, Ruth Anderson and Bernard Parmagiani, as well as our spiritual uncle Glenn Gould.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Dimensions in Spelling!

"My article on the LoK8Tr project took me to Guelph, Ont., last Saturday and live on the radio. I met Porter Hall, the host of the Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour, at the University of Guleph campus radio station. He arrived just after 3 p.m., a few minutes after the scheduled start time for his weekly show on CFRU. As the automated public-service announcements, commercials and eventually the show’s intro were being broadcast, Porter Hall hooked up a sound processor and unload his backpack. The bag held a bunch of cassettes, including a Musicworks compilation (No. 28); a Buddy Greene record called Praise Harmonica (”sappy Christian tunes,” Porter said); ukulele player Tiny Tim’s 2nd Album; CDs, some with spoken samples that Porter had compiled; and a collection of instruments, such as an electronic toy piano (Piano Fun!), a trumpet mouthpiece on a 1/4″ piece of PVC pipe, a McDonald’s Happy-Meal prize that went “boing” and other hose-y bits. There was an electric toothbrush in that bag, but Porter didn’t bring it out for the show.
“My bag of tricks changes over time,” Porter Hall said."

Read the rest of "An Afternoon with Mannlicher Caracno" here

Click here to download November 14th's show as described in Pixel Dripper's above quoted and linked essay

And here's November 7th

And here's October 31

Image from the forthcoming CDR Let's Paint TV (Twizzler Vomit)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Help Us Reach Our Gaols! I Mean Avoid!

Sorry for the lengthy pause, but things have been hectic. After last week's show, I picked up the mail and found a notice that a towing company was planning to sell our 93 Ford Exploder (acquired from an occasional MC participant) if we didn't come get it! It had been impounded 10 days earlier. We had left it in another occasional MC participant's yard but she had moved it onto the street without telling us, and I guess didn't notice that it got towed away? $640 to spring the motherfucker! Please, please send your pledges and donations today to Really Happening Credit Card Bailout, 1334 N Benton Way, LA 90026. And thanks for listening.

Some recent shows:

September 19

September 26

October 03

October 10

October 17 (Pledge Drive - actually pretty fine!)

October 24
And if you're really hardcore, we spilled over into the first 15 minutes of Proper Dub Plate, but you'll have to DL the whole hour, unless I get my shit together and upload an edit, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mannlicher's Cannon-ization and the Sirenity Prayer

Here's the first show of September, featuring Merry Hell laying down the rhubarb as pertaining to the B of the V and the Mystery of CB. 10-4 there, WT-Arthur-F! Also on board Herr Schurdt and Greasy Lightning. Looks like we got ourselves a Conrad.

And last week's program, on which your blogmaster RH did not appear, so it is of interest only to completists. Which you must all become if you are ever to truly meld with the Mannlicher Car-consciousness. As William Conrad has, from BEYOND THE GRAVE!

Image: MC performing "Sirenity" on the roof of Artspace, Winnipeg, 1989 (mp3 to follow)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harry Ball Delivers the Content

After we fixed the gestetner and convinced Harry Ball to join us on the Electric Goosebum, we produced the RH end of the show with the following: Looped MC (ca 1990) sample on the Casio SK-10; Radio Flash Fudd cassette; 2 string First Act toy guitar, Casio SK-10 organ setting and clarinet setting; Herr Schurdt on iPhone samples and police scanner and Mannlicher Carcano's October 2008 appearance on Let's Paint TV! Image: Mannlicher Carcano's October 2008 appearance on Let's Paint TV: Host John Kilduff, back of Porter's head, painting of MC playing a sports stadium.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ballad of Indian Ned

Just trying out this embedded streaming audio thingy. If it works, this should be The Ballad of Indian Ned, the single from Crawl to Safety... with Mannlicher Carcano, featuring The Jock on vocals.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Day in Improvised Audio Collage

Sound generation from RH's audio dungeon Aug 15th 2009: Casio SK-10 with looped sample of practice chanter; ultra rare RH solo 8-track noise tape 'Blossom' manipulated on modified 8-track player; cassette of unreleased 1990? MC performance 'Utterly Utterly MC', Casio SK-10 preprogrammed rhythm, altered; 2-stringed 'First Act' toy electric guitar; manipulated 8 track Gangbusters "Counterfeiters" old time radio show (Dec 1949), re-fed CFRU stream; Casio SK-10 default organ sound.

Gogo in Winnipeg, Porter jamming on a lawn with a dozen people in Nova Scotia (via SKYPE); Ken Cheesy OMIGOD! Another great show.

Download or listen to it here.

Plus here are the previous few shows:

August 08, 2009

August 01, 2009

July 25, 2009

Image: Still from the 1995 feature-length Mannlicher Carcano collage video You Can Start Again edited by Porter Hall

PS: Episode 2 of Jon "wobbly" Leidecker's podcast history of audio collage is a corker, and available online here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

If Mannlicher will not go to the Hill...

Busy times in the Mannlicher world. Porter, having worn out his welcome in Frogtown, headed back to Guelph and is now OMIGOD (Our Man in Guelph on Decks), a position ably held down by Curly Language, Ken Chesey, and others over the course of Porter's year-long exile. Hooking up just in time to join the last Porter-hosted Montreal leg of the show was fellow exile Rock Hill (above, the cover of his ultra-rare Redacted CD), who then will be joining the show regularly from the Morayeel with the Skype in his laptop. Welcome aboard Rock! We'll have to hook you up with MC adjunct Rock Pitts and see if there's some kind of leveling out. The July 11 & 18 shows linked below include Mr. Hill's contributions.

June 20 2009
June 27 2009
July 04 2009
July 11 2009
July 18 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Backlog A Go-Go

Wow, ManCarCan fans, sorry I've been neglecting the blogosphere, but I have - among other things - been compling our new album, which I already posted a picture of below, and isn't available on itunes yet, but I';m burning a few copies to send out to our most devoted followers and influential tastemakers in the improvisational audio collage community.

Here's what our label Pleonasm has to say about us:

Mannlicher Carcano is a pirate-radio sound-terrorist musical collective using improvisational audio collage techniques for mind control experiments. Formed in 1984 by those clandestine cryptonyms "Really Happening"(Los Angeles, CA), "Porter Hall" (Guelph, ON) and "Gogo Godot" (Winnipeg), Mannlicher's Anarchist-AvantGarde-Post-Punk-Classical-DIY-Plunderphonic-Experimental-ApocalypseMachine SLASH Analog-Acoustic Pop-Autopsy style is auralgasmic. MC creates a musical salad by combining home-made instruments (the Spring-Strung Bass, Ventor, and Cast Aluminum Cello), miscellaneous sound or noise producing vessels and conventional instruments in an ongoing quest to understand and expand the contemporary urban acoustic ecology. In addition to a weekly telephone-linked live radio program/webcast The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour, MC have issued hundreds of self-released titles, appeared on experimental music and radio art compilations, produced soundtracks for films, created installations for art gallery's and museums, and have tended the fires of their loyal cult-like following on the internet.

Crawl to Safety with Mannlicher Carcano is Mannlicher's 2008 live recreation of their 1984 debut album. Featuring guest musicians; "Ken Cheesy", "Gogo Breaks", "Christ's Coming II", "Buddy Holy", "Curly Language" and "The Jock", Pleonasm is excited to make this Orwellian mucical sci-fi classic finally available to you on itunes. Enjoy!

Here are links to the last bunch of radio shows (I think - I'll check them and fix as necessary)
June 13
June 6
May 30
May 23
May 16
May 9
May 2

Image: Detail from Mannlicher's performance "Boxer Shorts" at the Echo Park film Center, LA, 2002

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Bits of History Repeating

Bay area sound collage maven and negativland collaborator wobbly has embarked on a 6-part history of the genre as downloadable mp3s from the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, entitled Variations. It promises to serve as a definitive once-and-for-all explanation of who do we think we're fooling. Part one - Transitions - runs from Charles Ives through James Tenney via John Cage, Buchanan and Goodman, Jingle Dogs, Hugh LaCaine, and more - and is available here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Show Today, as Gogo Now Knows

Been out to Chino making field recordings; come home to find forlorn Gogo voicemail: "Is there a show?" As we all now know, the annual CFRU PowerDown knocked us out of our audio socks, but as I have not yet posted last week's inadvertent 2 hour extravawhatsit, this tenders all beleaguered whining redundant. After a brief mysterious gap, the cfru archives are back online, so here are the links: Hour One and Hour Two, featuring Really, Gogo, NOMIGOD, Buddy Holy, Bunny Particle, and Sonny Day.

Also, we have a new e-album about to be e-released on e-label Pleonasm Music, artwork above. More info on their site.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Return of Buddy Holy & The Jock!

Sadly my handheld digital recorder shut itself down seconds into this week's show, so most of The Jock's vocals are lost in the aether. You can hear some of them in the mix of this week's broadcast though. Here's what was on deck in LA:

Jew's harp sample looped on Casio SK-10
rH song "Oh Lonesome Mimi" looped
Mouldy Dave's Keynote Auto-Rhythm
Pink bell
Jew's harp sample improv on Casio SK-10
Enter Buddy Holy & The Jock
BH on recorder & electric guitar
rH on practice chanter, trumpet, Casio SK-10 (various voices)
Casio SK-10 sampled electric guitar note, looped, & improv
The Jock on vocals, acoustic guitar, rainstick, recorder, Exercise ball air pumps

Image: Buddy Holy Wants to Save You!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Purp It Up

This week's ingredients from the rH FACTORy in Silverlake:
Looped Organ on Casio SK-10
Organ improv
Stuck record: Donna Summer "Try Me I Know We Can Make It" @ 16 rpm, @33 rpm
Casio SK-10 'Disco' rhythm
Sampled guitar improv on Casio SK-10
Stuck Record "Penny Arcade" @33 (player piano)
Piano Casio SK-10 improv
J&H Productions
Enter Christs Cumming II on ukelele & vox (whistling, fart noises)
Sampled uke (very distorted) on casio
Stuck Record "Penny Arcade" @33 rpm (music box) & @45 rpm
CCII on kazoo, recorder, Proll-O-Tone Organ
Exercise ball air pumps

Above: Christ's Cumming II, pumped with the purp, fully inflated, engorged with the blood of the vine, ready to blow. Blow man blow!
Here is the link to today's broadcast.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Wreckage is Tomorrow's Souvenir

Here's what happened in Really Happening's Silverlake-adjacent audio dungeon today:
Jews harp sample looped on casio SK-10
Stuck record: Donna Summer "Try Me I Know We Can Make It" @ 16 rpm
Live improv on Proll-O-Tone Organ (pictured above)
Cassette of MC performance 93-08-13 on 4-track (double speed)(fragmented)
Party Fun with Recorders Vol 8 - Here is the News (fragmented)
Party Fun with Recorders Vol 8 - Closet Queen - I Will Survive
(Enter Buddy Holy & new adjunct member The Jock)
Recorder & amp; Proll-O-Tone
Indian Ned's Song + various improvisations and covers by The Jock
Accompanied by RH on guitar and casio (jews harp sample and organ voice)

And here is a link to the final broadcast.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching Up on Old Times for Now

Above: composite MC portrait by Gogo.

Thing have been hectic here in LA with the riots and all, so I haven't gotten around to posting much this month, but here are the current live links to CFRU archived shows. Get em while they're hot!

March 21 with Really, Gogo, Porter, Curly, and Fluffy
March 14 with Porter, Curly and Really
March 07 with Adolf Hitler looking very relaxed on vibes
Feb 28, with - who can remember that far back?!

In happiest news, adjunct member (and drummer for the legendary Tenacious Mucoid Exudate) Mr. So-Wrong-He's-Wright has provided software that has allowed me to rescue the lost MC files (amongst other crucial documents) from my 2 recently kaputen hard drives. It is with great pleasure that we therefore bestow upon him the MC Order of Merit (Non-Luddite Division). Kudos to you, our comrade in improvisational audio collage - this is truly a feather in your cap.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Day Anti-Massacre (1st movement)

So the archive appears to be working OK. Here's a link to last week's bumped-up Valentine's Day spectacular, and here's a link to this week's regularly scheduled extravaganza. In case you hadn't noticed, the most recent show is also linked to the top link at the right of your screen, under the heading "Hear Now"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost Signals

We have been inundated with calls here at MCRH Com HQ (pictured above) as regards the scheduling of the show and the sudden unavailability of the cfru archives. Rest assured our gifted technical staff are hard at work on rectifying this latter lamentable lapse in coverage. In the meantime, they have been so kind as to upload the Feb 07 2009 show (featuring seven live collaborators from the LA audio dungeon alone -- perhaps a record) to the file sharing site sendspace. Click here to go to their download page for this show. As for the scheduling, yes, that was a basketball game and not one of our intermittent conceptual audio doppleganger interventions... or was it? If you had tuned in 3 hrs earlier (9 AM LA time) you would have heard the more conventional MC sound, as documented in the aforementioned linked file. Listeners wishing to hear more basketball on our Valentine's Day special should tune in at the regular hour, or 3 hrs earlier (9 AM LA time) if the more conventional MC sound is what does it for you.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Now + the Here = NowHere

Hal McGee's an inspiration in the DIY distribution department as well as for the breadth, quality, and idiosyncrasy of his work. I first found him on eBay of all places, searching for "audio collage" (though it turns out he was a mover and shaker in the cassette underground and was responsible for the excellent Electronic Cottage zine) and traded Mannlicher's Half Duplex Receive Only for his Maps of Nowhere, a great set of fucked-up field recordings that I've listened to many times. Since then he's made this disc and much more available on his site. Here's his description of MoN: Four long tracks distilled from 12 hours of field recordings made on a handheld cassette recorder - recorded August through October 2000. Lots of shortwave radio tones and static; surreptitious recordings from my work environment in a hospital; quotidian, found and trash sounds: alarm clock, Hare Krishna chanting, public transportation, street & traffic noises, toys, children, family, howling maniac dogs, mundane conversations -- audio ethnographic recordings from the streets, alleys, sidewalks, parking lots, and fields of Gainesville, Florida -- all blended, multitracked and contorted into big concrete music noisy cut-up collages. I employed chance process, aleatory and automatistic methods of dada and surrealism in the making of Maps Of Nowhere. Constructed on a Fostex XR-5 4-track cassette recorder.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Floating Down the Sound

Here's a link to listen or DL the Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour from Jan 10 (Really, Porter, Curly) featuring the deconstructed Pink Floyd backing (sans Dhyana) for an unfinished 1990 Piper at the Gates of Dawn sound piece. The full version features precocious 9 (?) yr old Dhyana Justl reading that chapter from Wind in the Willows. Weirdly enough, just HOURS AFTER this performance, older sister Karen (cover artist for Mannlicher's first Level Best cassette) contacted me about Dhyana's imminent West Coast Tour, mentioning the VERY SAME audio project from 18 years ago!!! Surely these are the end times.