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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Day Anti-Massacre (1st movement)

So the archive appears to be working OK. Here's a link to last week's bumped-up Valentine's Day spectacular, and here's a link to this week's regularly scheduled extravaganza. In case you hadn't noticed, the most recent show is also linked to the top link at the right of your screen, under the heading "Hear Now"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost Signals

We have been inundated with calls here at MCRH Com HQ (pictured above) as regards the scheduling of the show and the sudden unavailability of the cfru archives. Rest assured our gifted technical staff are hard at work on rectifying this latter lamentable lapse in coverage. In the meantime, they have been so kind as to upload the Feb 07 2009 show (featuring seven live collaborators from the LA audio dungeon alone -- perhaps a record) to the file sharing site sendspace. Click here to go to their download page for this show. As for the scheduling, yes, that was a basketball game and not one of our intermittent conceptual audio doppleganger interventions... or was it? If you had tuned in 3 hrs earlier (9 AM LA time) you would have heard the more conventional MC sound, as documented in the aforementioned linked file. Listeners wishing to hear more basketball on our Valentine's Day special should tune in at the regular hour, or 3 hrs earlier (9 AM LA time) if the more conventional MC sound is what does it for you.