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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Wreckage is Tomorrow's Souvenir

Here's what happened in Really Happening's Silverlake-adjacent audio dungeon today:
Jews harp sample looped on casio SK-10
Stuck record: Donna Summer "Try Me I Know We Can Make It" @ 16 rpm
Live improv on Proll-O-Tone Organ (pictured above)
Cassette of MC performance 93-08-13 on 4-track (double speed)(fragmented)
Party Fun with Recorders Vol 8 - Here is the News (fragmented)
Party Fun with Recorders Vol 8 - Closet Queen - I Will Survive
(Enter Buddy Holy & new adjunct member The Jock)
Recorder & amp; Proll-O-Tone
Indian Ned's Song + various improvisations and covers by The Jock
Accompanied by RH on guitar and casio (jews harp sample and organ voice)

And here is a link to the final broadcast.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching Up on Old Times for Now

Above: composite MC portrait by Gogo.

Thing have been hectic here in LA with the riots and all, so I haven't gotten around to posting much this month, but here are the current live links to CFRU archived shows. Get em while they're hot!

March 21 with Really, Gogo, Porter, Curly, and Fluffy
March 14 with Porter, Curly and Really
March 07 with Adolf Hitler looking very relaxed on vibes
Feb 28, with - who can remember that far back?!

In happiest news, adjunct member (and drummer for the legendary Tenacious Mucoid Exudate) Mr. So-Wrong-He's-Wright has provided software that has allowed me to rescue the lost MC files (amongst other crucial documents) from my 2 recently kaputen hard drives. It is with great pleasure that we therefore bestow upon him the MC Order of Merit (Non-Luddite Division). Kudos to you, our comrade in improvisational audio collage - this is truly a feather in your cap.