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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Bits of History Repeating

Bay area sound collage maven and negativland collaborator wobbly has embarked on a 6-part history of the genre as downloadable mp3s from the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, entitled Variations. It promises to serve as a definitive once-and-for-all explanation of who do we think we're fooling. Part one - Transitions - runs from Charles Ives through James Tenney via John Cage, Buchanan and Goodman, Jingle Dogs, Hugh LaCaine, and more - and is available here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Show Today, as Gogo Now Knows

Been out to Chino making field recordings; come home to find forlorn Gogo voicemail: "Is there a show?" As we all now know, the annual CFRU PowerDown knocked us out of our audio socks, but as I have not yet posted last week's inadvertent 2 hour extravawhatsit, this tenders all beleaguered whining redundant. After a brief mysterious gap, the cfru archives are back online, so here are the links: Hour One and Hour Two, featuring Really, Gogo, NOMIGOD, Buddy Holy, Bunny Particle, and Sonny Day.

Also, we have a new e-album about to be e-released on e-label Pleonasm Music, artwork above. More info on their site.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Return of Buddy Holy & The Jock!

Sadly my handheld digital recorder shut itself down seconds into this week's show, so most of The Jock's vocals are lost in the aether. You can hear some of them in the mix of this week's broadcast though. Here's what was on deck in LA:

Jew's harp sample looped on Casio SK-10
rH song "Oh Lonesome Mimi" looped
Mouldy Dave's Keynote Auto-Rhythm
Pink bell
Jew's harp sample improv on Casio SK-10
Enter Buddy Holy & The Jock
BH on recorder & electric guitar
rH on practice chanter, trumpet, Casio SK-10 (various voices)
Casio SK-10 sampled electric guitar note, looped, & improv
The Jock on vocals, acoustic guitar, rainstick, recorder, Exercise ball air pumps

Image: Buddy Holy Wants to Save You!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Purp It Up

This week's ingredients from the rH FACTORy in Silverlake:
Looped Organ on Casio SK-10
Organ improv
Stuck record: Donna Summer "Try Me I Know We Can Make It" @ 16 rpm, @33 rpm
Casio SK-10 'Disco' rhythm
Sampled guitar improv on Casio SK-10
Stuck Record "Penny Arcade" @33 (player piano)
Piano Casio SK-10 improv
J&H Productions
Enter Christs Cumming II on ukelele & vox (whistling, fart noises)
Sampled uke (very distorted) on casio
Stuck Record "Penny Arcade" @33 rpm (music box) & @45 rpm
CCII on kazoo, recorder, Proll-O-Tone Organ
Exercise ball air pumps

Above: Christ's Cumming II, pumped with the purp, fully inflated, engorged with the blood of the vine, ready to blow. Blow man blow!
Here is the link to today's broadcast.