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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Help Us Reach Our Gaols! I Mean Avoid!

Sorry for the lengthy pause, but things have been hectic. After last week's show, I picked up the mail and found a notice that a towing company was planning to sell our 93 Ford Exploder (acquired from an occasional MC participant) if we didn't come get it! It had been impounded 10 days earlier. We had left it in another occasional MC participant's yard but she had moved it onto the street without telling us, and I guess didn't notice that it got towed away? $640 to spring the motherfucker! Please, please send your pledges and donations today to Really Happening Credit Card Bailout, 1334 N Benton Way, LA 90026. And thanks for listening.

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And if you're really hardcore, we spilled over into the first 15 minutes of Proper Dub Plate, but you'll have to DL the whole hour, unless I get my shit together and upload an edit, but don't hold your breath.