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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Mannlicher Compilation RE-UP

Trouble Comes in Threes -the 2-disc anthology FREE DOWNLOAD of live, studio, radio performances... and more - covering Mannlicher Carcano's history from 1987 - 2003 has now been re-uploaded to Mediafire, in the wake of the FBI terrorizing Megaupload, shutting off public access to these completely legal digital audio and pdf files.

TC3 is a preview of the perennially forthcoming 3-disc anthology 'Mannlicher Carcano: Trouble Comes in Threes' and you'd better believe it baby. Extensive liner notes, copiously illustrated. Includes cover art.

Trouble Comes in Threes
XVI MANIFESTI – the singles collection
zipped mp3s

Trouble Comes in Threes
zipped mp3s

Trouble Comes in Threes
Liner Notes

Trouble Comes in Threes
Cover art

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Audio Stigmata

Back from the dead and bigger than ever! Buddy Holy re-emerges with a perennial favorite, tearing open bloody wounds in his fingers due to the inspiration, which you can hear kicking in around the 6 minute mark! From the forthcoming Infinity Repeated release Buddy Holy & Mannlicher Carcano: Losing Necessary Cohesion!

Note: If soundcloud doesn't respond, try clicking a few seconds into the track.

More Hot Links...

Disregard the previous links to the March 13th show (if you download them, you’re in for a disappointment). In the 15 years that The MCRH has been broadcasting, that was the first time ever, that Porter forgot to show up. March 20th however, was back to normal - enjoy! Here also are links to the raucous April 3rd show, get them before it's too late!

MCRH March 20, 2012 hour 1

MCRH March 20, 2012 hour 2

MCRH April 3, 2012 hour 1

MCRH April 3, 2012 hour 2