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Improvising audio collage live, in the studio, and in radiospace since 1987 almost every Saturday from 4 - 6 PM (Newfoundland Time Zone -- 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Pacific) at Listeners are invited to participate in person or through ZOOM. L to R: Gogo Godot, Really Happening, Porter Hall; Kenneth Friendliness, Rock Hill, Christ, Herr Schurdt, Rameau, Woodpity Pitywood, et al.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cloudknitter mando-bell solo

New Mannlicher Carcano adjunct member Cloudknitter braved the torrential rainstorms currently engulfing the City of Angels to record a Saturday session in the audio dungeon, simultaneously recording the performance for his own radio art program in Belgium. I'll get those mp3s encoded and uploaded as swift as I am able, but in the meantime, check out his website for more info on his show and other remarkable projects.

Update: File is now available for DL here. The excellent jam is sandwiched between two interview segments, the more interesting of which is the beginning segment in which Cloudknitter discusses his artwork and radio show. It will be available for a couple of weeks only, so grab it now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Los Angeles segment/Really Happening Solo CD

The LA elements of the weekly broadcast have been prerecorded for the last few weeks, including a 2-hour solo performance this last Saturday by Really Happening containing elements of "Dr Earl A Goldsmith Tells Your Daughter About Sex" which is available for free download for a limited time split into 2 separate files: Part 1: "Not the Cubbyhole!(TM)" and Part 2: The Words are Used.

The complete performance will constitute This is Really Happening Vol 2, which will be a two-CDR set, also available from Pleonasm & Redacted, and the second in a planned 10-volume Retrospective.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pleonasm partnering with Free Music Archive in Synergistic Triumph!

Just an update that free online record label Pleonasm Music has been posting its wares on the prestigious Free Music Archive, including their slightly garbled (but more than complete) version of Crawl to Safety with Mannlicher Carcano, Solo tour de force This is Really Happening Volume 1, and occasional collaborator Nic Waterman's histrionic tirade My Majority. Longtime listeners will already have all these loaded on their portable personal stereo music players, but even first time callers will find that the great thing about the new format is that you can sample any track from the dozens of other sonic innovators on Pleonasm's roster before committing to a full download. Hooray!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Time, New Station, Recent Pix!

OK, No time for chitchat. The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour has moved to a new timeslot for the first time in 12 years! Listeners and participants may now tune/skype in on Tuesday nights from 11:00 PM till 1:00 AM Newfoundland time (9:30 pm to 11:30 pm EST; 6:30 - 8:30 Pacific) at CHMR (That's MCRH spelled backwards! Mere coincidence?) 93.5 FM, campus and community radio in St. John's Newfoundland. Streaming online at

The Trent Radio iteration Dog Bites Mannlicher will move operations to coincide, and it looks like CFRU will be doing likewise.

As you can see, we have finally recovered our 2-hour format, and the show closes the broadcast day in NFLD, so it may go on from there even! The first broadcast is archived online in two separate files here and here.

Image: Our youngest adjunct member to date (sorry Lucky!) - Woodpity Pitywood @ 7 weeks, performing during our residency at Human Resources. More pix coming!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Satan Temporarily Welcomes Mannlicher Carcano to His Bosom

Our most recent art gallery gig has turned into a residency of sorts, it seems! After our performance on the evening of August 20th at Human Resources, artist Gustavo Hererra was so taken by the manner in which Mannlicher's debris -- multiple turntables, a bin of weird old records, a battered trumpet and toy piano, a dismantled portable 8-Track player and tape selection, a two-stringed child's electric guitar and amp, etc -- blended in with his installation The Birth of Satan, he invited us to leave our equipment in place, and perform the radio show from that locale for the duration of the exhibit's run!

Although the logistics have proven tricky -- the gallery has no land line for a telephone link, and with Porter's recent relocation to St. John's NFLD the tension is becoming less and less palpable -- the LA performances have been righteous and scintillating. The actual gig on the 20th added a dozen or so new collaborators to our constantly expanding roster, bringing the total to 665 - and wherever 665 are gathered in His name.... Our most recently recruited regular was christened "Kenneth Friendliness" and rocked the electric Pepperoncini jar, which he has done for each subsequent radio show as well.

This most recent Saturday Christ's Cumming II also brought in a modified 3-gallon plastic diddly-bow, Herr Schurdt graced us with the presence of his SKYPE-capable laptop (though unfortunately Porter couldn't get into the new radio station) and Buddy Holy, Barney Panicker, and The Jock all arrived five minutes after the show ended. I'll try and upload images of all this, but I left my camera, along with my glasses, both audio recorders (the one I dropped in the toilet at the Museum of Jurassic Technology last year was miraculously resurrected last week! So there's like a QUAD version of the most recent performance - a humdinger - in their collective memory) a fancy USB mic, and a bunch of other valuable electronics in a canvas sack in the basement of a nearby gallery. I'm going to retrieve it today - hope everything's still there! In the meantime, please enjoy these recently rediscovered images from our last North American Tour.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Live at Human Resources

In conjunction with Gustavo Herrera's Birth of Satan exhibition, Human Resources presents a performance of Ghost Assisted Drawings as performed by Christian Cummings and Michael Decker, and Mannlicher Carcano's record release for This Is Really Happening Volume 1 on Pleonasm Music. The evening starts at 9pm, and admission is Free! It is rumored that Gustavo Herrera will be elating us with some of his prosaic fineries...

Human Resources
510 Bernard St (in Chinatown)
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01

"Click on Image to Engorge"

"Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01"
Mannlicher Carcano is a collaborative improvisational audiovisual collage group who have been performing since 1984, and have appeared weekly on live radio since 1998 with The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour. Under the curatorial hand of Doug Harvey, the band’s collage-based aesthetic principle will be expanded to 3 Dimensions with the one-night-only Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01, including sound, performance, didactic elements, food and drink, sexy projections, and all manner of art objects at PØST (1904 East 7th Place Los Angeles, CA 90021) on Friday July 9th from 7 – 9 PM . Improvised audiovisual collage, a rediscovered pre-Firesign Theatre absurdist detective film, a one-man rock & roll band, Anne Frank karaoke, gray-water cocktail-making, an enormous naked man, and so much more!

Participating artists include Mannlicher Carcano, China Adams, Suzanne Adelman, Michael Arata, Josh Aster & Kristin Calabrese, Peter Bergman, George Budd, Ryan Callis, Caroline Clerc, Christian Cummings, Adrian de la Pena, Walpa d’Mark, Georganne Deen, Joe Deutch, Mark X. Farina, Gerry Fialka, Eamon Fox, Jill Giegerich & Mischa Mandel-Giegerich, Phyllis Green, Daniel Hawkins, Homegrown Evolution, The Keith Walsh Experience, Maya Lujan, Tina Marrin, Dr, Carl Nordstrom, M.D., Mary Anna Pomonis, Michael Q. Schmidt. Lily Simonson, Brad Spence, Laurie Steelink, Jim Sullivan, Young Summers, Don Suggs, Greta Svalberg, Lee Tyler Thompson, Esther Pearl Watson, Aaron Wrinkle and many more...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Awakening from the Nightmare of History to Find I Have Gum in My Hair

Well, that didn't work out so hot! I plugged in the wrong voltage adaptor and the damn thing blew apart like a land mine! There was ketchup everywhere! Seriously, I was concussed by the impact of the main body of the appliance (the bun section) up against my left temple and was out for some time. When I awoke, a gentle Doctor asked me "What is that Optigan thing? What the FUCK is that?" to which I replied "Please give me something for the pain."

And Gogo was there, and you... and you... and? Porter Hall was in Newfoundland, looking into real estate investment opportunities. And Crawl to Safety is finally out as a free download from and L'il Gogo has an album out on Pleonasm and Redacted Records, split between the two sites but a free download nonetheless.

And on July 9th - for one night only - a real rain is going to wash the scum from the streets... and right into PØST Gallery (1904 East 7th Place Los Angeles, CA 90021) for Mannlicher Carcano-Plex Mach 01 - a multimedia expansion of the Mannlicher Carcano template, including sound, performance, didactic elements, projections, and all manner of art objects! More data to follow.

There are too many old shows to log - the new one it to your right - go to the CFRU archive at and root around for other recent episodes. Next week is Porter's final show in Guelph as host! Let's make it a doozy!

And COURTESY FLUSH VOLUME ONE is SOLD OUT, thankyou all (and please stop pestering us to burn more copies!) - the extra income earned will allow us to retire early, as soon as our BP stock dividends kick in. Ka-SPLOOH! Stay tuned for CF Vol 2.

May 15th? Wait a second.. the Nurse told me it was June 17th... am I awake or am I dreaming?

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Instrument!

Still a few kinks in the system, but grid willing w will debut this baby next Saturday. In the meantime, here are links to the last few shows:

January 16
January 23
January 30
February 06
February 13

Friday, January 15, 2010

Art is Getting On

No Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour tomorrow, January 16th -- but a special 2-hour simulcast on CFRU and Vancouver's CITR for their annual Art's Birthday celebration on Sunday, Jan 17 from 3 -5 PM Pacific time.

Here are links to mp3s of the last few Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hours:
December 19th
December 26
January 02
January 09

Image: Really Happening and Minister Altair-Five break out the froot jams on Boxing Day. Photo by Herr Schurdt.