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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Awakening from the Nightmare of History to Find I Have Gum in My Hair

Well, that didn't work out so hot! I plugged in the wrong voltage adaptor and the damn thing blew apart like a land mine! There was ketchup everywhere! Seriously, I was concussed by the impact of the main body of the appliance (the bun section) up against my left temple and was out for some time. When I awoke, a gentle Doctor asked me "What is that Optigan thing? What the FUCK is that?" to which I replied "Please give me something for the pain."

And Gogo was there, and you... and you... and? Porter Hall was in Newfoundland, looking into real estate investment opportunities. And Crawl to Safety is finally out as a free download from and L'il Gogo has an album out on Pleonasm and Redacted Records, split between the two sites but a free download nonetheless.

And on July 9th - for one night only - a real rain is going to wash the scum from the streets... and right into PØST Gallery (1904 East 7th Place Los Angeles, CA 90021) for Mannlicher Carcano-Plex Mach 01 - a multimedia expansion of the Mannlicher Carcano template, including sound, performance, didactic elements, projections, and all manner of art objects! More data to follow.

There are too many old shows to log - the new one it to your right - go to the CFRU archive at and root around for other recent episodes. Next week is Porter's final show in Guelph as host! Let's make it a doozy!

And COURTESY FLUSH VOLUME ONE is SOLD OUT, thankyou all (and please stop pestering us to burn more copies!) - the extra income earned will allow us to retire early, as soon as our BP stock dividends kick in. Ka-SPLOOH! Stay tuned for CF Vol 2.

May 15th? Wait a second.. the Nurse told me it was June 17th... am I awake or am I dreaming?

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